The Amazing Adventures of 4¢ Ned

Big worlds come in coin-sized packages.

4%c2%a2-ned-3-combo-medIn a world ruled by money, a lone 1938 Jefferson nickel stands a penny short. Minus a cent, but having discovered within him a million bucks of fantastic, Ned Nickel sallies forth to save Coinworld from a worthless future.

Shunned by his fellow coins, but sought after by dogged collectors, 4¢ Ned learns that he has a most daunting destiny. With the help of a sagacious Indian nickel and a shabby and luckless Lincoln wheat penny, Ned becomes “The Four,” champion of small change everywhere.

Ned must navigate the ever-changing currents of commerce as he battles for justice and searches for the love of his life, a 1922 Peace Dollar named Franny.

Beginning in 1949, Ned and his team of Raider Special Forces roll frolicking forward through the years in their attempt to save Coinworld—and perhaps the entire universe—from a valueless future.

4¢ Ned is e pluribus awesome.

The Amazing Adventures of 4¢ Ned is Book One in the Coinworld Series.

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